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CIO Travel Group has been developed with the idea that travel advisors are the future of travel! Our main purpose is to provide new experiences in travel while helping agents diversify their growing businesses. We are here to help travel advisors create their own success stories and build powerful relationships with industry leaders and clients. By joining our network, you are opening the door to commissionable villas, vacation rentals and condos as well as exclusive training courses, marketing opportunities and business building tools. By bringing travel agents together in a non-bias community platform, we are able to educate and enhance your businesses in ways you've only imagined. Let's stop working harder and start working smarter!

Who is CIO Travel? Although our brand may be new, our company has actually been around for over 40 years. Starting as a Caribbean based villa and wholesale resort company, what used to be called CIO Villas & Vacation Rentals, has developed into a company providing thousands of villas and short-term home rentals to destinations worldwide. We are the first and only travel agent exclusive company to provide an online booking portal for villas, vacation rentals and condos. By joining the CIO Travel Group, you will be given FREE access to this portal! Start booking short term home rentals for your clients today!

Why You Should Join Us

We are a collaborative community of Travel Advisors who work together to provide guests a unique travel experience. We offer courses and organized topics of discussion for professional development, enabling you to become an expert in niche travel and diversify your portfolio. We also provide group discounts for business tools such as CRMs, Itinerary Builders and more. Every member will also be given FREE access to the first and only travel agent exclusive vacation rental booking portal where you can earn commission on short term home rentals. Diversifying your travel portfolio has never been easier with CIO Travel Group!

Tired of the clutter?

Other social media outlets and groups allow just about anyone to join which creates a ton of bias and unprofessional opinions to enter the group. Often times agents become overwhelmed by the clutter that comes with posting a question or topic in these groups. Stop relying on unprofessional, solicited advice from strangers about growing your business or gaining a sale! Our members are all 100% verified travel experts from all walks of life offering true, honest opinions and advice in a non-bias platform. If you are ready to really grow and develop from a hobby or side hustle into a profitable, successful travel business, CIO Travel Group is the place to do just that!

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